Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wear a stinger suit?
Absolutely! Stingers pose a threat year round. It’s a logistical nightmare if someone gets stung; it ruins the trip for everyone else too. Box Jelly fish – Oct to May, Irukandji are year round. If you are going to enter the water at all, you need a suit. The suits protect you from our harsh sun too.

I have my own, can I take that?
Yes no problem.

I am afraid of water and can’t swim.
Tell the crew if you can’t swim, they have swimming aids such as noodles and lifejackets. Try to snorkel; it is truly one of life’s great wonders. Your crew will assist you with learning

Can I Scuba dive?
Scuba Diving is available on both Atlantic Clipper and New Horizon. Even people that are not good swimmers are perfectly able to try scuba diving. Introductory and Certified Diving is available for an additional $60, this can be purchased at ABC Travel or onboard the Atlantic Clipper & New Horizon. Second dives are $50 (payable onboard only).

Are the vessels licensed?
No, but feel free to BYO in moderation (we want you to remember and enjoy our beautiful surroundings). You may be refused boarding if you are intoxicated at time of departure. No glass and no red wine is permitted onboard. The reason for this is red wine can stain the deck and if glass is broken it becomes a danger for all other passengers.

Soft Drinks?
No need to take with you as these can be purchased on board at shop prices. Tap water is fine to drink onboard the boat, bottled water is available for purchase -$3.00 per drink.

How much alcohol can I bring?
A limit of 30 cans or 4 litres of wine is permitted. Spirits are welcome if you prefer however we ask that you transfer these to plastic bottles before you board (available from local bottle shops).

Where do we go? What islands do we visit?
The course the boat takes is dependant on wind/weather/tides and currents. There is no set course. We always endeavour to get to Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet (Oooohhhh that view), and there are usually at least 2 great snorkelling/diving spots. The only reason we will not get to Whitehaven is if the wind does not allow us. This rarely happens, but it can. The skippers know the waters exceptionally well and will do the best course for the passengers and their comfort.

Do I need to confirm my trip?
Most definitely. Please call 48 hours prior to departure (07 4946 5755) and have the name of your boat and your voucher number ready.

Where do I get picked up?
You will meet at Abel point marina (just a 15 minute walk from the centre of Airlie Beach) at a time that will be advised at check in. You will be given a map with directions of how to get there – easy!

Where do I check in?
ABC Travel – 344 Shute Harbour Rd, Opposite Hogs Breath Café.

When do I check in?
Check in anytime the day prior between 12-4pm or alternatively before 11am on the day of departure. If you are arriving slightly later please call ABC Travel to arrange a later check in time if required.

Is there somewhere I can leave my car?
Yes – Parking is available at ABC Travel for $10 for the duration of your trip (First in Best Dressed), alternatively you can park at Abel Point Marina for $8 per 24 hours.

What time will I leave?
New Horizon will depart at 240pm. Atlantic Clipper will usually depart at 230pm but this can vary due to tides so if you are arriving close to departure please check this with ABC Travel.

What time will I get back?
You will return to Airlie Beach between 12-1pm.

Can I fish on the boat?
There is no fishing onboard due to the exquisite locations we visit being restricted by National Marine Park regulations. If you do wish to do some fishing whilst in Airlie Beach there is a variety of day trips available (Check in staff can assist you with this)

Will I have phone reception and internet access during the trip?
You are likely to have phone reception for part of the trip only, generally some of the first and last day, but don’t worry – you will be having far too much fun to be checking your phone or email! Internet access is available at ABC Travel before and after your trip for just $2 an hour.

Do I need a sleeping bag?
No, all linen is supplied for you with the exception of towels – please bring these with you.

Do I sleep on deck?
No. New Horizon has 3 spacious sleeping quarters with large bunks, both single and double beds are available.

Atlantic Clipper has 21 cabins onboard including 4 share, triple share, private twin and private double. Upgrades for private twin ($50pp) or private double ($100pp) are payable on check in. Being subject to availability we do recommend you book in advance.
Both vessels are air conditioned so you remain, cool, dry and comfortable on your trip.

Do I need warm clothing?
In winter at night, it’s good to take something warm, can get chilly. What to pack will vary depending on season. The temperature in the islands is about the same as Airlie Beach. If you are European you’ll be fine in a g-string year round!!

Can I bring all my luggage with me on the boat?
Unfortunately, boats by nature do not have much space. No backpacks or suitcases are allowed. We ask that you bring along a zip-less bags (eco friendly bags are ideal). In the tropics we can be subject to bed bugs, as well as sea-lice (similar symptoms) and mosquitoes. Since using zip-less bags has all but eradicated this problem, we ask that you assist us by taking eco bags or plastic bags etc. These little bugs can be easily transported in bags with zips as they love to hide here!! They are totally harmless, but we really don’t want them on the boats as you can understand. Our True Blue Sailing eco friendly bags are for sale for $4 at check in.

My handbag, camara bag has a zip....?
Take your handbag, camera bag, toiletries’ bag by all means, we only ask that you assist us in the best way we know....Thank you for your compliance.

What if I am vegetarian or have dietary requirements?
We are able to cater for most dietary requirements onboard our vessels so please just advise our staff at the time of booking or when you check in.

Do you have t-shirts for sale?
Yes, boys and girls for $20. Take one home to remember your fun in the sun!

Do you have showers?
Yes of course, please use sparingly as we only have a certain amount of water holding capacity.

Do you take children on the boats?
Although we have done in the past, our vessels are not suitable for babies or children. They are very much fun 18’s to 30’s boats.

What about older people?
Sure, young at heart and a sense of humour is all that’s required, some of our older passengers have been our best!

Do I need to take cash?
Some cash for soft drinks and snacks is advised. Atlantic Clipper has credit card facilities onboard to purchase additional diving, DVDs etc.

Is Clipper a “Party Boat”?
Mmm, tricky one…. Entirely depends on the group. Some trips are very relaxing whilst others have the possibility of turning into a great party, who knows? The crew interact with the passengers nightly and encourage you to have fun, they do not encourage excessive drinking. You do not have to get involved if you don’t wish. It is noisy for a couple of hours but all settles down early enough for you to fully enjoy the next day sightseeing. 53 young people on a boat usually means it can be a bit rowdy!

How many people do the boats take?
New Horizon takes 32 passengers plus 3 crew and Atlantic Clipper 53 passengers and 7 Crew.

Am I in the Great Barrier Reef?
You are! Around the islands is referred to as “the fringing reef”. There is little difference. At the outer reef you are not near any beaches!

Will it rain?
Look at the Bureau of Meterology site for weather details. Our wet season is Jan – April, but it is still nice and hot. The water is a warm 28 degrees! Our waters are still a comfortable 23 degrees in winter but the stinger suits keep you a little warmer for snorkelling. Atlantic Clipper is without doubt the most comfortable sailing vessel in adverse conditions. If the weather is deemed unsafe you will be instructed by ABC Travel the options available to you. Sometimes these decisions are made last minute as the weather is very changeable in Queensland. The skippers always have your safety in mind above all else!

What about sea sickness?
The likelihood is lessened on larger boats, particularly Atlantic Clipper, but on very windy days you may wish to take some sea sickness tablets. Pop to the local chemist for information pre departure (the crew are unable to administer medication to you). Remember that the boat is parked at secluded quiet bays at night where she is sheltered from the wind so sea sickness shouldn’t be a problem when stationary.

Can I take my hairdryer? Camera charger etc?
Absolutely, Atlantic Clipper is fully equipped for you to charge and use power as you like with plugs in your cabin. New Horizon does have access to power however more limited.

What if I want to change the date or cancel my trip?
You may change the date of your trip up to 72 hours prior to departure ONLY, this will incur a $30 transfer fee. Any changes made within 72 hours prior will incur 100% cancellation fee. Cancellations can be made outside of 21 days ONLY.

What if I am not happy about something or need help whilst on board?
If you are uncomfortable or not happy about something during the trip please inform the friendly crew so they can assist you in the best way possible, they really do care and can usually rectify the problem for you.